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Seller of Travel Registration

If you are a seller of travel or travel related services, or you are expanding into new markets, our office can help you register with the appropriate state authorities.  There are currently 4 states that require registration as a seller of travel, regardless of where the seller is physically located:
Iowa's registration requirement was repealed 06/25/20.
Failure to register as a seller of travel may subject a seller and its owners to civil penalties, a cease and desist order temporarily shutting down operations and possible criminal prosecution. If you have issues with your current seller of travel registration, have received a Cease and Dessist letter from a state attorney general, or you are being investigated for failure to register, we can help you get into compliance quickly and avoid unnecessary penalties. 
In addition to the states above, the following states have specific laws for the regulation, licensing, or bonding of sellers of travel that our office can help you comply with:
  • ILLINOIS (Trust account required unless exceptions met)
While seller of travel regulations vary from state to state, every license issuing state requires registration, fees and compliance with some financial security regulation or statute. Some states offer options to meet the financial security requirements by providing: a letter of credit, a certificate of deposit, or maintaining a bond or trust account. Other states offer exemptions from the financial security requirement, particularly favoring those sellers of travel that are ARC appointed agencies.     

As a matter of Preventive Legal Care, sellers of travel that are marketing, arranging or selling travel in the above-mentioned states should promptly submit applications to avoid late fees and penalties. Attorneys at the Anolik Law Group assisted in the drafting of the original seller of travel regulation in California. While our firm feels that the various aspects of the seller of travel statutes are unfair to consumers and sellers of travel, we have provided assistance in compliance with the travel laws for over 30 years.