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Drafting of Contracts, Terms and Conditions, and Other Legal Documents

We take all the contracts we prepare very seriously, and draft them with not only the various statutory requirements in mind, but with extensive disclosures we have found through our years of experience to be beneficial to our clients based on their focus.  We believe in “preventive legal care,” and aim to save our clients money (and reputation) in the long run by drafting agreements not only protecting them from liability as much as legally possible but also covering all the potential bases to discourage litigation from being brought in the first place.

We have extensive experience drafting personalized legal documents to meet your specific needs, including:

- Travel Website related documents:

  1. Terms & Conditions of Sale
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Terms of Service

-Liability Waivers

-Supplier Agreements

-Independant Agent and Contractor Agreements

-Sale of Agency Agreement

-License Agreements

-Referral Agreements

-Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreements

-Travel Management Agreements

-Merchant Agreements

-GSA Agreements

-Partnership Agreements