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The OSSN Agent The Official Newspaper of the Outside Sales Support Network
September / October 2001

By Al Anolik
ARTA General Counsel

"The Truth About Travel Agent Unions"

Unlike death and taxes-the only things in life that are supposed to be certain-the law can prove to be exceedingly gray and indefinite.
 That's the case with issues like the formation of a labor union for travel agency owners, front-line employees, and independent contractor agents.

TCRC head aims to open up Calif. fund meetings 
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By Laura Del Rosso

Symposium to feature Web firms' attorneys 
WASHINGTON -- Attorneys for Cruise.com, Travelocity and Worldspan -- representing a spectrum of Web-focused businesses -- will be panelists during the fifth annual National Travel Law Symposium set for Jan. 15 here.

State Regulations: Enforcement is key
For details from the 10 most significant travel agent laws, see State Regulations: Who requires what
By Nadine Godwin 
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State Regulations: Cross-border issues
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State Regulations: Contractor complications
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State Regulations: Disclosure by the book 
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• Laws seen as fundraisers
• Enforcement is key
• Who requires what

Society wins latest ruling in California lawsuit
By Laura Del Rosso
Originally Published on www.travelweekly.com

Seminar to train agents to mediate disputes
By Laura Del Rosso
Originally published on www.travelweekly.com

SAN FRANCISCO -- A long-time travel agent and an industry attorney are looking to mediation to fill what they believe is a need in the industry: a less-expensive alternative to litigation to resolve disputes.

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