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Travel Law Course - Video Clips
San Francisco Law School
San Francisco, California - 2006
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Northern California Chapter of Meeting Professionals International (NCCMPI)

Oakland, California - 2005

The Art of Contract Negotiation

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1. Introduction

2. Preventive Legal Care™, Overbooking, Antitrust, Meeting Planning Law, Hotel Booking Costs

3. Internet Pricing, Add-on Charges and Un-bundling, Contract Negotiations Basics

4. European Union, Labor Disputes, Gray Area Tickets, Risk Notice, Comparative Negligence

5. In House Planners and The California Seller of Travel Law, Employee Liability

6. Subject Matter of Contract, Misrepresentation and Fraud, Proving Damages, Cancellation Insurance and Force Majeure

7. Negotiation is give and take




STS Setting the Standard - 1997


5th Annual Gem Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada - 1991

Click picture for segment 1 Introduction
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1 - Introduction
2 - ARC and Ticket Stock
3 - Ticket Stock and Plates
4 - Travel Agency Negligence and the Limits of Travel Agency Disclosures
5 - Travel Agency Responsibility for Tour Operators

6 - Travel Agency Limitation on Liabilities
7 - Guarantees provided by Travel Agents

8 - Carnival Cruise case and Contracts for Jurisdiction

9 - Debit Memos Qantas Airlines case Government Fares Convention Fares Hidden City Fares
10 - Debit Memos Hidden City Fares and Indemnification

11 - Debit Memos Indemnification and Consumer Responsibility

12 - Debit Memos Small Claims Actions
13 - Antitrust for Travel Industry and Sellers of Travel
14 - Muir Woods case of Motorcoach having too many passengers

15 - Condor hunting case, Overseas Sales, and European Union Strict Liability
16 - Consumer Disclosure Notices
17 - Consumer Disclosure Notices liability protection from Terrorism, Social and Labor Unrest, Social Diseases, Climatic Conditions
18 - US and International Jurisdiction, Propriety Protection of Client List

19 - Propriety Protection of Agency Assets

20 - Conversion of Property, Interference with Contractual Relations and Prospective Business Advantage, and Theft

21 - Deregulation Merger and Acquisition

22 - Tax Deductions and Bankruptcy

23 - Insurance service for consumers

24 - Outside Sales and Travel Agency Liability

25 - Independent Contractor status









Legal Currents - 1989
Consumer Travel Rights and Foreign Travel