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Committee of Agricultural Organizations in the European Union - General Confederation of Agricultural Co-operatives in the European Union (Copa-Cogeca)

COPA (Committee of Agricultural Organizations) is made up of 29 organizations from the 15 members of the European Union.

COPA represents both the general and specific interests of farmers in the Member States and, since its foundation has been recognized by the Community authorities as the spokesman for the agricultural sector as a whole.

Established in Brussels on 1 April 1959; it merged with that of COGECA on 1 December 1962.

COPA has a number of objectives, such as to examine any matters related to the development of the Community's agricultural policy; to represent the interests of the agricultural sector as a whole; to seek solutions which are of common interest, and to maintain and develop relations with the Community authorities and with any other representative organizations or social partner established at European level.

On the international scene COPA enjoys privileged relations with many organizations beyond the European Union’s frontiers. Whether these organizations are national or international, agricultural or not, the aim of these contacts is the same: to strengthen dialogue with all those on whom the European agricultural sector depends.

COEGCA Created on 24 September 1959 COEGCA is officially recognized as a representative body of all agricultural and fishery co-operatives in the EU, COGECA represents their general and specific interests by the Community authorities: European Commission, Council of Ministers, European Parliament, Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions.

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