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Travel Agent Arbiter (TAA)

The Travel Agent Arbiter (TAA) is an individual selected by a committee representing travel agents and air carriers whose responsibility is arbitrating disputes between travel agents and (a) the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), (b) individual carriers, and � computer reservation system participants. Since 1988, the Arbiter has established rules giving travel agents, for the first time, the right and power to initiate complaints against ARC.

The jurisdiction of the TAA includes: all individual complaints arising out of the agent-ARC relationship, and disputes between an ARC-approved agent and a carrier party to the ARC Carrier Services Agreement, in which all parties to the dispute have consented in writing to the jurisdiction of the Office of TAA and to accept the decision of the TAA as final and binding. If both parties agree, additional agent-carrier issues can be brought before the arbiter. In addition, Worldspan affiliated agents may bring disputes with that organization directly to the Arbiter per the terms of their Worldspan agreement. In all cases, a final written decision and order with detailed findings of fact and conclusions of law is issued and made public. The TAA also maintains a compendium of all (6,000+) past decisions.

The Travel Agent Arbiter replaced the Travel Agent Commissioner in 1988, as a result of the settlement of the ARTA v. ARC lawsuit.

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