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Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN)

The Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN) is an association formed in 1990 to support and educate Independent Contractors and Outside Sales Travel Agents, that is, commissioned salespersons who solicit business for a travel agency or other retailer. The Outside Sales Support Network is the largest travel trade organization in the U.S. for outside sales and independent contractors working with travel agents. OSSN also has a close association with ARTA which allows each of their members the opportunity to participate in joint training and familiarization courses and seminars.

OSSN creates a voice in the travel industry for commissioned Outside Sales Agents / Independent Contractors and Home Based Travel Agencies. OSSN also provides education and training programs for its members. OSSN familiarization tours or fams with industry discounted rates, which include the cost of training, to exciting locations all over the world to members and non-members.

The OSSN website is quite extensive maintaining over 3,800 pages packed with information and support for sellers of travel. The OSSN Agent Education Programs Section provides members with information on travel schools that offer formalized training for Independent Contractors.

OSSN also operates the TRUE (Travel Retailer Universal Enumeration) System whose sole purpose is to provide sellers of travel with an eight digit IATA numeric code that is recognized by the travel supplier community, including cruise lines, tour operators, hoteliers, and car rental companies. The recognition of this universal numeric code by travel suppliers will allows the Outside Sales Agents / Independent Contractors and Home Based Travel Agencies of booking travel products and services directly with thousands of travel industry suppliers.

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