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International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates (IFTTA)

The International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates (IFTTA) is the largest professional organization of travel law attorneys and travel industry personnel dealing with travel law matters from around the world whose law practices emphasize the travel and tourism industries. Member advocates represent agents, carriers, cruise lines, hotels, and government tourism departments. IFTTA'S objectives are to:

- Provide a Forum for the exchange of information on the legal aspects of Travel Law.
- Provide a worldwide resource of travel law information (statutes, case law, etc.).
- Encourage the establishment of common legal standards in the travel industry.
- Work with educational institutes to foster research on the legal aspects of Travel.
- Sponsor conferences on the legal aspect of Travel and further a spirit of collegiality.

The organization, formed in 1983, maintains a depository of travel and tourism law materials including statutes, case law, and travel industry articles. IFTTA also publishes a bibliography of material in the Travel Law field and seeks to encourage the establishment of common legal standards for the Travel Industry, to work with educational institutes in fostering research on the legal aspects of travel, and sponsors conferences on the legal aspect of travel, and further the spirit of IFTTA collegiality. IFTTA's depository of judicial decisions and articles pertaining to travel law is kept in San Francisco, USA; Dundee, Scotland; and Tokyo, Japan. IFTTA has published the IFTTA JOURNAL since 1985. Articles cover travel topics such as Can the Employer of a Passenger be sued in case of an Air crash? and Can the workers Union and its authorities be sued for strikes that affect the Travel Industry? and The development of the space tourism and travel.

IFTTA has held numerous international conferences in countries including Israel, Greece, USA, Spain, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary and Turkey. Membership has included representation from Brazil, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Malta, Mexico, Sweden and Venezuela and others countries. Regional branches have been formed in Europe, South America and Israel.

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