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International Road Transport Union (IRU)

The International Road Transport Union assists bus and coach as well as taxi and truck operators throughout the world and briefs them on developments affecting their business. Through its national associations on every continent, the IRU speaks for the entire road transport industry.

The IRU, through its national associations, represents the entire road transport industry world-wide. It speaks for the operators of coaches, taxis and trucks, from large transport fleets to driver-owners. In all international bodies that make decisions affecting road transport, the IRU acts as the industry's advocate.

By working for the highest professional standards, the IRU improves the safety record and environmental performance of road transport and ensures the mobility of people and goods. Among its practical services to the industry, the IRU is international guarantor of the TIR carnet system under which trucks are sealed by customs upon departure and can cross several borders without further checks until they reach their destinations.

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