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Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) promotes safe, environmentally sound, successful railroad transportation by developing policies and seeking investment in the infrastructure and technology for the rail system.

FRA inspectors conduct site-specific safety inspections of railroads and monitor their compliance with federally mandated safety standards. The Track Division promotes an understanding of and compliance with the Federal Track Safety Standards. The FRA and its divisions inspect and test carrier signal and train control systems, locomotives, passenger and freight cars, air brakes, and other safety appliances.

The FRA also develops carrier operating rules, employee qualification guidelines, and carrier training and testing programs to determine compliance with the Railroad Safety Act of 1970; railroad occupational safety and health standards; the Hours of Service Act; and accident and personal injury reporting requirements. The FRA develops a policy concerning intercity rail passenger service and high-speed rail and the development of new technologies.

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