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United Nations, the Transport, Communications, Tourism and Infrastructure Development Division (TCTIDD)

As a division ESCAP of the United Nations, the Transport, Communications, Tourism and Infrastructure Development Division (TCTIDD) handles all matters related to travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region from Turkey to the United States and every country in between. TCTIDD assists member countries in improving the development, management, operation, maintenance, and pricing of environmentally sound, efficient, and safe transport and communications facilities and services.

TCTIDD also assists in: strengthening national capabilities in tourism policy, planning and promotion; human resources development in the tourism sector; facilitation of travel; investment for tourism infrastructure; measuring the economic impact of tourism; regional and subregional cooperation in tourism development; technical advisory services upon request of member and associate member governments; and data and information on tourism development issues to member and associate members through various publications, including the ESCAP Tourism Review and the ESCAP Tourism Newsletter.

The TCTIDD comprises three sections and one unit: the General Transport, Coordination and Communications Section; the Land Transport Section; the Water Transport Section; and the Tourism Unit. The TCTIDD assists countries in the Asian Pacific region in identifying emerging issues of regional importance, defining and setting standards for regional land transport linkages, developing policy options and strengthening national capabilities by: promoting regional and subregional cooperation and approaches to issues of common concern to formal and informal groupings of countries; preparing studies, publications, electronic issuances, information systems, databases and software; and providing advisory services and group training.

Recent major initiatives of the Tourism Unit in Thailand, include the establishment of the Working Group on the Greater Mekong Subregion in the Tourism Sector. In 1997, The Tourism Unit also established the Network of Asia-Pacific Education and Training Institutes in Tourism (APETIT) which includes The Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (supra).

The Plan of Action for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Asian and Pacific Region (PASTA), adopted by ESCAP in 1999, has 6 theme areas and modalities at the regional and national level for taking action. PASTA guides the work of ESCAP and provides the mandate for organizing national seminars and workshops on all aspects of sustainable tourism development. A wealth of information and online publications are available at the TCTIDD website.

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