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The Confederation of National Associations of Hotels, Restaurants

HOTREC is the Confederation of National Associations of Hotels, Restaurants, Caf�s and Similar Establishments in the European Union and European Economic Areas. HOTREC's mission is to maximise pan-European cooperation between members and to defend the interests of the European hotel, restaurant and caf� industry. For this purpose it follows all proposals discussed within the European Institutions, monitors European developments and takes a defensive position on all issues affecting the hotel, restaurant and caf� industry.

HORTEC is a Belgian international association recognized by Royal Decree of the Belgian government. HORTEC represents the interests of approximately 40 national trade and employer associations as well as hotel, restaurant and caf� industries of 20 European countries in the European Union, the European Economic Area (EAA), and EU Associated Countries. HOTREC�s membership is strictly limited to private national associations within the EU and EEA Member States and to EU state organizations specifically connected to the EU.

HOTREC also takes part in the European Social Dialogue established by the Maastricht Treaty and participates in the Sectorial Social Dialogue with the European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism sectors and allied branches (EFFAT) and interactes with other branches of European Tourism.

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