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Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

As a preventative measure for the protection of private transportation services, in 1987, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) issued charter service rules to prevent public intrusion into private markets, and to make it possible for the private sector to utilize public transit resources to meet market needs. FTA seeks to ensure that the special needs of the community for transportation are met by either the public or private providers.

The Federal Transit Administration also works with other transit agencies to ensure the safety and security of the public by developing national Emergency Preparedness and Security Forums to be implemented by many other government agencies. President Johnson signed the Urban Mass Transportation Act into law in 1964, which began the program of financial assistance for mass transportation ran by the Federal Transit Administration. FTA�s grants to numerous public transportation providers including the San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) San Francisco, California; Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Dallas, Texas; and the Mass Transit Administration (MTA) Baltimore, Maryland.

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