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Traveler Rights

Nacta's role in car rental suit upsets lawyer
By Michael Milligan
Originally Posted on www.travelweekly.com

More Fliers Forced To Give Up Seats:

Overbookings Surge as Airlines Trim Schedules; Passenger Compensation Unchanged Since 1978.

By Scott McCartney, Wall Street Journal


Mystery at Sea: Who Polices the Ships?  
February 26, 2006
From the New York TImes
Originally Posted on: http://travel2.nytimes.com/2006/02/26/travel/26crime.html?pagewanted=print
Too good to be true? Maybe it was.
Travelers said they paid $900 to $1,000 each for tickets. Officials are looking into whether an agency took the money and ran.

By Laurie Berger
Special to The Times
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