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By Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY

International travelers could have something new to worry about if terrorism alerts ever again force airlines to cancel specific flights as they did over the recent holidays.


By Kevin Brass


Jerry Vaclav says bankrupt Renaissance Cruises will have to go to court if it wants him to return a commission he believes he earned in good faith.

By Kevin Brass and R. Scott Macintosh


A federal judge in travel agents’ landmark class-action suit against the major airlines has approved a controversial settlement agreement with Lufthansa Airlines.

On the Road with Bill McGee

Most of us intend to prevent trouble before it even starts by making good travel planning decisions and straightening out problems as they arise. But every traveler knows that sooner or later they'll take "The Trip from Hell."



ARTA's Chairman Nancy Linares told her membership last week that the association would ask commission settlement company NPC to hold off implementing new fees for its Commission Express program or face retaliation.


By Robert Carlsen

SAN DIEGO - ARTA said at its annual conference here last week that it has reached an agreement with the consortium Hickory Travel Systems for a super-agency program.

By Jerry Chandler


A key plaintiff's attorney, in an action alleging nine major airlines conspired to cut commissions, said the lawsuit is still on track - this despite a counterclaim by one of the carriers.

Bundled fees, a hornet's nest
By: Laurie Berger
March 6, 2005

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